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Identifier generator

This script generates a new unique identifier for module development. All module’s objects requires to have an identifier assigned to them. While identifier is obviously a low level concept as it is a strong requirement and it is explicitly managed by module developer, it is still worth mentioning. Modelio uses universally unique identifier (uuid) to internally identifies module’s objects. The following rules should be strictly enforced, otherwise models can be lost: Each distinct object should have a unique identifier; No module’s object should change of identifier between module version.

Please note that the zip file contains the scripts for Modelio 2 and Modelio 3.

- Update for Modelio 3

- First delivery

Latest version: 2.0
Distribution: Free
Tool compatibility:
  • Modelio Open Source
  • Modelio by Modeliosoft
Resource type: Script
Last update: Mar 17, 2016
Date added: Apr 16, 2012

Version compatibility

Modelio : 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 3.x.x


Identifier generator
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