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Java Designer


Provides Java code generation and reverse functionalities. UML architecture and Java code are constantly maintained in sync. The JavaDesigner v2.x fully supports Java 6. The JavaDesigner v3.x fully supports Java 7. The JavaDesigner v3.3.x fully supports Java 8.

Note: Java Designer is a Modeliosoft module, and requires the Modeliosoft Distribution of Modelio to be used.

You can watch video demos showing how to use the generation or reverse of Java code and some other useful utilities of this module.
A pdf tutorial can also be downloaded from the tutorials page. It shows how to reverse Java source code into Modelio.

- Adaptation for Modelio 3.5.0

- Fixes in the reverse feature

- Adaptation for Modelio 3.4.1
- Reverse is now launched before SVN commits
- '$(Project)' is now taken into account when loading the customization file
- Fixes in Interfaces generation
- Fixes in Annotations reverse

- First delivery for Modelio 3.3.0

- First delivery for Modelio 3.2.x

- Improvement of the reverse report window

- Fix on annotation reversal

- First delivery for Modelio 3

- Enhances import generation. There should be a lot less unwanted imports.
- ElementImport links in the model are also always generated.
- Fixes generation of wrapped types for properties, for example Map<Integer, String> instead of Map<int, String>.
- Generics can now be generated without full name.
- New ‘GenerateJavadocMarkers’ parameter, to allow removing javadoc markers in model driven mode.
- Adds encoding when retrieve code in Model Driven mode.
- Fixes reverse of full name non wrapped predefined types.
- Fixes binary reverse of annotation definitions.
- ...

Latest version: 3.6.05
Distribution: Commercial
Tool compatibility:
  • Modelio by Modeliosoft
Resource type: Module
Provider: Modeliosoft
Last update: Dec 15, 2016
Date added: Sep 13, 2011

Version compatibility

Java Designer versionModelio version
3.6.05 3.6.0
3.5.09 3.5.0
3.4.13 3.4.1
3.3.05 3.3.x
3.2.00 3.2.x
3.1.03 3.1.x
3.0.32 3.0.x
2.1.08 2.2.1+


Java Designer
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