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Latest version: 1.3.3
Distribution: free
Tool compatibility: Modelio Open Source, Modelio by Modeliosoft
Resource type: modelcomponent
Modelio version: 3.3.x
Short description: RCP Eclipse 4.4.1 (Luna) model component for Modelio 3.3.
Release history:

1.3.03: Fix Annotations, Enumerations and Interfaces
1.3.02: Repack for Modelio 3.3
1.3.01: Fix duplicated elements
1.3.00: Update to org.eclipse.rcp-4.4.1 (Luna) + repack for Modelio 3.3
1.2.00: Repack for Modelio 3.2
1.1.00: Repack for Modelio 3.1
1.0.07: Update to the Eclipse 4.3M7 version (Kepler)
1.0.06: Repack for Modelio 3.0
1.0.05: Update to the Eclipse 4.3M5a version (Kepler)
1.0.04: Add P2 1.0.03: Add the org.eclipse.text plugin
1.0.2: Add the org.eclipse.ui.forms and org.eclipse.jface.text plugins
1.0.1: Add the javax.inject plugin
1.0.0: Eclipse 4.2 M7 org.eclipse.rcp.source-S-4.2M7-201205031800


RCP Eclipse 4.4.1 (Luna) for Modelio 3.3. It requires the JDK model component (JDK 1.8.0).

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