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Latest version: 1.2
Distribution: Free
Tool compatibility :
  • Modelio Open Source
Resource type: Script
Date added: Nov 24, 2017
Date updated: Nov 24, 2017

Version compatibility

Modelio : 2.2.x, 3.0.x

This script provides an advanced search functionality for Modelio.
Basically, Modelio provides a simple search system for Namespaces only.
With Advanced Search, you can launch a search on any metamodel element.

How it works?
Enter a word then select a metaclass and click on search button.
- You must select at least one metaclass.
- You can select multiple metaclasses
- You can just select a top metaclass like ModelElement. The search will return all elements inheriting from ModelElement.

You can also use regular expressions.
For example, you can enter '.*myword.*' then check the Use regular expression checkbox to search for elements containing the myword string.

- Support to Modelio 3.0 (and 2.x at the same time)
- Refactoring and comments
- Results are now sorted by name

- Regular expression search option added
- Catching exception if regular exception is incorrect
- IModelElement metaclass selected by default

- Creation

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