Delete diagrams without context

Latest version: 1.0
Distribution: Free
Tool compatibility :
  • Modelio Open Source
Resource type: Script
Date added: Nov 24, 2017
Date updated: Nov 30, 2020

Version compatibility

Modelio: 2.1.x

This script deletes UML and BPMN diagrams which do not have context.
Actually, if you remove diagrams from the UML browser they are not deleted from your project. You only remove a kind of shortcut link. You can delete them from the Diagrams browser but it can be boring if you have thousands of diagrams to delete.

With this script, it is automatic:
- You launch it
- It shows you the diagrams without context
- You delete them in one click

This script can be improved by allowing to select diagrams you want to delete from the displayed window.

What is a context?
It is the model element which the diagram is attached.

- Creation

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