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C++ Designer

Latest version: 4.8.02
Distribution: Commercial
Tool compatibility :
  • Modelio by Modeliosoft
Resource type: Module
Provider: Modeliosoft
Date added: Sep 14, 2011
Date updated: Oct 11, 2018

Version compatibility

C++ Designer versionModelio version
4.8.02 3.8.x
4.7.03 3.7.x
4.6.01 3.6.0
4.5.07 3.5.0
4.4.06 3.4.1
4.3.02 3.3.x
4.2.02 3.2.x
4.1.08 3.1.x
4.0.07 3.0.x
3.1.06 2.2.1+

Provides C++ code generation and reverse functionalities. The model-driven generation service guarantees permanent code-model consistency. CLI, the entire C++ standard, STL and MFC libraries are fully supported, and you can customize code generation for specific frameworks.

- C++ Designer is a Modeliosoft module, and requires the Modeliosoft Distribution of Modelio to be used.
- Reverse functionalities are provided by the C++ Reverser module (Please note that the C++ Reverser license is automatically provided with the C++ Designer one)

- Adaptation for Modelio 3.8.0

- Adaptation for Modelio 3.7.0

- Adaptation for Modelio 3.5.0

- Fix CLI stereotypes inheritance

- Adaptation for Modelio 3.4.1

- Adaptation for Modelio 3.4.0

- Add 'is virtual' and 'parent visibility' tagged values on InterfaceRealization.
- Fix <<Friend>> Usage generation.
- Fix <<FileGroup>> Dependency generation.

- First delivery for Modelio 3.3.0

- New feature: when a class has a usage to another class, generate a forward declaration of the target.
- New feature: when a class has a << Cxx.Friend >> usage to another class, generate a forward declaration of the target and a friend declaration.

- Export TagTypes from << Cxx.External >> stereotype in ramcs.
- Allows SystemProjectData creation in SVN locked projects.
- Fixes relative variant path computing for linux.
- Enable using $valueTypeName in type library declarations.
- Ignore non-stereotyped packages in namespacing and makefile generation.
- Fixes initialization of ‘isInline’ field in the operation’s edition dialog.
- Remove a few ‘no code’ checks, to consider these elements external (and generate a #include) instead of ignoring them.

- First delivery for Modelio 3.2

- Fix project creation on SVN locked model
- Fixes in variants management

- Fix multimap generation

- Fix in map generation
- Fix in templates parameters generation
- Fix generation on SVN locked elements
- Fix in C++ tab Documentation field
- Fix C++ tab for Enumeration Literals

- Fixes in Doxygen generation
- Fix in reverse

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