Migration Modelio 2.2.1+ to 3.0

Latest version: 1.1.01
Distribution: Free
Tool compatibility :
  • Modelio Open Source
  • Modeliosoft Commercial edition
Resource type: Module
Date added: Jun 24, 2013
Date updated: Nov 10, 2021

Modelio 2.2.1 (or greater version) projects can be migrated to Modelio 3.*. However the Modelio projects format has changed in Modelio 3, so it is necessary to convert Modelio 2 projects to the new format.
The .ofpx file used by Modelio 2 as project container is no longer used by Modelio 3.

- New export command for Modelio 3.4

- Fix in Analyst properties migration.

- Fixes export of boolean meta-attributes ("IsStatic", "IsAbstract", ...)

- Fix problem getting images of stereotypes at migration

- Fixes encoding issues when exporting from Linux or Win XP

- Fixes migration of Communication Node/Channel/Message.
- Removes an exception when exporting a model without Analyst roots.

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