Teamwork Manager

Latest version: 2.2.109
Distribution: Commercial
Tool compatibility :
  • Modeliosoft Commercial edition
Resource type: Module
Provider: Modeliosoft
Date added: Sep 14, 2011
Date updated: Aug 26, 2019

Provides a flexible distributed collaborative UML modeling environment integrated to Subversion. Distributed team cooperation via the internet or using local networks.

- Teamwork Manager requires the Modeliosoft Distribution of Modelio to be used.
- In Modelio 3, Teamwork Manager feature is provided with the Modelio core delivery
(Commercial version of Modelio only. It is not provided with the Open Source version). This feature needs a license to be used after its trial period.
- In Modelio 2 and earlier versions,Teamwork Manager is a Modeliosoft module.

- SVN Teamwork Manager now prevents committing and updating the model if a model transaction is still open

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