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XSD Designer (Open Source)

Latest version: 3.5.02
Distribution: Free
Tool compatibility :
  • Modelio Open Source
Resource type: Module
Date added: Sep 16, 2011
Date updated: Nov 24, 2017

Version compatibility

XSD Designer versionModelio version
3.5.02 3.5.0
3.4.04 3.4.x
3.3.01 3.3.0
3.2.00 3.2.x
3.1.03 3.1.x
3.0.04 3.0.x
2.0.11 2.2.x

Provides XSD schemas generation functionalities. XSD documents are deduced from data models or application models. Using this module, you will derive the XML schema models of your choice from your models and then produce XSD documents.
A reverse features is also provided, enabling you to recover a model from legacy XSD documents.

- Adaptation for Modelio 3.5.0

- First delivery for Modelio 3.3.0

- First delivery for Modelio 3.2.x

- Fixes in XSD export
- French documentation added

- First delivery for Modelio 3.1.x

- First delivery for Modelio 3

# Nicolò 2019-08-11 13:12
I need this tool on my modelio 3.8 project.. or I need to convert my modelio project to work with modelio 3.5.. how to do this?
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# modeliosoft 2019-08-12 13:39
The XSD Designer module is not maintained on the latest versions of Modelio and you cannot downgrade your Modelio 3.8 project to Modelio 3.5.
As the XSD module sources are available you could upgrade the module sources (they should be adapted to the Modelio 3.8 API) and package it for Modelio 3.8 but unfortunately we don't have an automatic process for doing this.
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